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The pap looks grated and people wonder how so? Twitter Tweep

It seems that there is different kind of pap for different people and it seems that a guy posted on twittet that he has cooked and hr tried but his porridge seemed rather not like the ordinary one. The are different kind of porridge and the ones at KwaZulu-Natal cook this kind of porridge and call it phuthu, but in other parts of the province there is a different type where in the porridge is hard as stone.

Here is a picture from twitter that got a lot of people asking how the person got to cook such a porridge or is the porridge from another day.

There was a lot of chakalaka on the plate and it got a lot of questions as how a person can eat such a gravy without with tge type of porridge that's on the plate. The pieces on the plate didn't even look satisfactory and the meat the drumsticks looked burnt out and very small.

Some on the comments even shared that the meat is like the chicken licken wings.

After the picture was posted on twitter it got a lot of views and comments on it here are the comments from twitter take a look at this screenshots.

Source: Twitter social media platform

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