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A SA Woman ordered a drink from McDonald's, but she got a cup of milk instead. Opinion.

When a store serves a product, you expect them to do it correctly, since they have probably served the same product a couple hundred or even thousand times before. However that's not always the case, when serving regular products, staff at fast food restaurants can get confused. That was the case that one South African Woman recently experienced when ordering food from McDonald's.

Her experience :

The South African Woman posted her story to social media site Facebook, via "The real hello Peter South Africa" page. According to her she went to McDonald's at Montague Gardens and ordered food for her family as well as two latte's. One for her and one for her son.

However when she started drinking hers, she realized that it tasted different than it usually does, opening it what she found was a cup full of milk. She also claims that on a previous occasion she ordered coffee but it was so strong that she could not drink it.

She finally went on to claim that they take money but don't care what they give their customers, before telling them to up their game.

My Opinion :

First and foremost I would like to state that just because a mistake is made at one branch of a fast food outlet, it doesn't mean the same mistake will be made at every outlet. So if you are thinking of ordering food, you will probably be safe.

However regardless of which fast food outlet you order food from, you should always thoroughly check that they have given you everything your ordered, in the proper proportion, without leaving the store. As it will cost you fuel and time to return, if they gave you the wrong order.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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