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Sheep faeces used in drinks.

"ODDITY: SHEEP FAECES TRENDING Sheep faeces is now in high demand in China because of their richness in protein, as It makes one High too It can be served with fruit juice, soya milk and other liquids." One Tweeter user said this as a tweet.

It also intoxicates,raising fears that it might be an alternative to 'ice' due to its ability to create a high.

"Y'all should doing this. This is definitely not sheep feaces. It is a drink called bubble tea originated from Taiwan. Those black balls are tapioca balls. They don't even remotely look like sheep feaces ." One Tweeter user agrued that this was not faeces but a well known drink in China.

A lot of the food they eat are strange, so I think it's possible that they cab eat faeces foe health purposes.I'm never eating from a Chinese restaurant again.

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Here is what a few people on Tweeter had to say :

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