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Pakistan shops make coke that is why it does not have a taste

Image: Pakistan makes coke

Content by Bongiwe

Pakistan shops are still problematic in Kasi. They're blamed everywhere for producing the fake products.

The foreign shops at different locations help with bringing food that they sell to people. However they become worse as they sometimes manufacturer product by themselves.

It's bad for human health. The government need to deal with illegal foreign shops. Many people have lost their lives due to buying expired food from them and they manufacturer product by themselves.

The story about the kids who bought noodles at spaza shop. It's not known yet the cause of the death of those kids. A lot of cold drink containers lying down faked with drinks and branding. This is indeed bad and police need to intervene.

See the cold drinks that they manufacturer on their own. This is not good for the health. However people should be aware of these.

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