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Sh0ck woman is told she is eating nonsense after posting her raw chicken see comments

They say you can't tell people what to eat or how to cook their food, but Some of the things that people eat will leave you in shock. On a serious note, not everything is worth eating raw. Yes as people we don't like the same food is cooked, as some people have a way of cooking their food some people want their food well cooked more especially meat while others like it medium-rare but by just looking at some of the food that people eat you ask yourself if these people are ok.

Meat is one thing that when you eat it you want to make sure that it's well-cooked more especially chicken because it's impossible to enjoy undercooked chicken as a lot of things goes through your mind when you eat it, some people don't like it when their meat overcooked, but they prefer it medium-rare because they say it's nice when it's soft and tender, but its the first time I've heard someone saying they eat a medium-rare chicken as I've heard of steak. Steak and seafood is the food I've heard people say they eat raw or undercooked not chicken.

I guess that's the reason why people were confused after a woman posted her undercooked dinner. A woman took to her social media account and shared her dinner, but people were not impressed at all as they were shocked by what they saw on her plate.

It even came to the point where someone even told her she's eating nonsense, I mean I don't blame them for saying that who eats a chicken like that and say it's medium-rare. Another person in the comments section also told her she should have opted for seafood rather than eating raw chicken.

There are some things that no matter how hard you try to understand why other people do it you find it hard to accept them. And knowing people you can never convince them otherwise especially when it comes to food. Impression and presentation is the key when it comes to food.

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