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My Mom Taught Me Not To Eat In Front Of Other Kids Unless It's Enough For All Of Us

My mom taught me not to eat in front of other kids unless it's enough for all of us.

I have a friend neighbor, doesn't mind to boil kettle make herself cup of tea fr her alone nd sip it infront of u, or make eggs, or fish, or dish up eat infront of u, I so hate it, it's bad manners rather offer me juice or water while u eat, or wait til I go.

Yooh too much, nd she does tht all the time whn I'm by her place, I can't get it why. At least nfe metsi ka di ice cubes nd eat ur food then. Yoh I will watch her eat til she is finished, take out alcohol even drink, nd I dnt drink bt I won't gt coli nyana.

I'm now an adult,I hang around other other adults whom when it's time to get something to eat,they fold their arms, see who takes the initiative to buy. People be building double storey houses while thina we give, give and give and bona all they do is take.Give but have limits.

I used to date someone whose mom who dish up and pass the plates while I was sitting there. The dad would always ask the mom why do you do this and she would be rude saying this is not the welfare.

My mother once found me eating inside the house after school whole my 2 friends were outside, she called them inside and told them to make food, she told me if I'm gonna bring friends home I shouldn't eat without them.

I think we were raised by the same Mom me and you I knew my previously loved clothes were going to be given to someone else and I knew I have to share things with others.

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