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What Mzansi noticed on Tito Mboweni's picture.

Does Tito Mboweni's manicure mean anything?

If you have been following Tito Mboweni you should have noticed that he has went from politician to self proclaimed chef, with every tweet show casing his daily cooking habits and african favourite dishes, but what happened in the last picture he shared on social media.

The former Minister of finance shared a picture of canned fish with the caption " " but something else grabbed people's attention. If you can look closely into the hand that is holding the canned fish, you can clearly see that the fingernails are painted white.

Tweeter users have been making fun of the situation by using sarcastic compliments towards aimed at him. With one saying "I like your manicure" not everyone was that polite though as you can clearly see their shocked emojis asking why a grown man has painted his fingernails.

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