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How to make potato whitening: you will see results in 14 days




1Soap base bar or get pears infant soap( the obvious one)

2tbsp Coconut oil

2tbsp Almond/carrot/papaya oil (all people you lay your palms on)

2tbsp original honey

Rice powder /TAWA powder (optionally available but first-rate)


Wash and grate your Irish potatoes, sieve out the juice into a clean bowl, using a Mesh material or seive

Grate your bar cleaning soap and pour into another bowl, Add your coconut oil into the bar cleaning soap and Melt the use of double boiler ( positioned water in a pot, location on low warmth and convey to boil the region your bowl that has the grated cleaning soap and oil within the boiling water and depart to melt)

Turn it continuously till it melts nicely then add your potatoes juice

Add any of your oils , honey and whitening powder(rice or TAWA powder)

Continue turning till it’s melts absolutely and smoothly, deliver down and pour aggregate into a mold (if you don’t have a mould, pour it into and high-quality fashioned plate due to the fact you cleaning soap will come out with the shape of the plate you pour it into)

Leave for 3-4days to completely mould into your bar cleaning soap and viola , your whitening cleaning soap is ready to be used.

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