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Almonds and egg whites: the 5 foods to calm down hunger and feel full

You are struck by nervous hunger attacks but you do not want to risk your figure with junk food? Here are the foods to calm down hunger that does not make you fat and that you can eat at every hour of the day.

With the approaching of summer and the dreaded “swimsuit test”, everyone tries everything to lose the extra pounds. But just a few realize that sometimes the sense of hunger is driven by nervousness, rather than a real need. So rather than indulge in small gluttony sins that make vain the sacrifices made up to that moment, it would be better to understand what are the foods that do not endanger your figure. Here are the foods that calm down hunger and that can be eaten at every hour of the day.

Egg white

The egg is a food rich in protein, essential for speeding up the metabolism. In particular, the albumen contains very few calories and is perfect to get rid of hunger. Eggs can be scrambled and, with the addition of salt and pepper, they will be a very tasty snack.


It is a Japanese alga, usually used to replace isinglass in desserts. It can also be consumed dissolved in water or in the form of herbal tea, taken before the main meals it reduces hunger and fights belly swelling.


Oats are rich in fiber and, consequently, they regularize the work of the intestine, giving satiety and satisfaction. It is therefore an excellent remedy to calm down hunger.

Low-fat yogurt

Milk-based foods such as cheese and yogurt give a sense of immediate satiety. To avoid eating too many calories, the best is to eat low-fat yogurt with 0% fat. Consuming it mid-morning or mid-afternoon will help you fight nervous hunger.


Almonds have a very low glycemic content and are rich in protein. It is precisely for this reason that they satisfy the nervous hunger, giving a sense of lasting satiety. However, do not exaggerate with the doses, since they are also extremely caloric.


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