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Here is the machine that used to make wors and sausages

As everyone probably knows by now, we're currently living in the 4th industrial revolution whereby most things are accomplished by machinery rather than physical hands as before.

Back in the days in the 19th century, most things like building tall flats, processing cotton from sheeps, killing animals for consumption and plowing the field amongst the many things, they were done using hands and it usually took a long time to accomplish things this way.

Well that was back in the days, we're now in the 20th century and many things are accomplished with ease because many machines have been invented to help us out.

Even when it comes to making wors, its no different story because machinery has come to our rescue. It took a long time for one to process a wors using bare hands but now its just a smooth process.

Now without any further ado, let's checkout the machine that is used to make a wors that we mostly enjoy eating, see the image below:

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