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It Ended in Tears For an Infleuncer Who Applied Food Colouring on Chicken To Impress People.


09 December 2021

An infleuencer bu the name of Sthembi attempted to apply food coloring on chicken she had cooked but it never ended well as the chicken turned out to be green. Take a look at the chicken that she had cooked below:

We all sometimes wake up and decide to explore things we have never explored before. Well, this infleuncer did the same as woke up and decided to bombard a chicken with green coloring. Although the chicken might be nice when she tasted it but looks horribly weird.

Social media users quickly reacted to this bizarre chicken as soon the infleuncer posted it to impress people.

The social media user quickly shared tips on how she prepared her chicken.

"You guys don't knw food so u boil the chicken with food coloring then u grill it bt u gona add ur fav spices b4 placing in the oven", she said.

Below is how Mzansi reacted to these things cooked by social media infleuncer:

Since it is December and Christmas is around the corner, trying these things might be a good idea. Please share your comment on these things, and most importantly, hit follow button.

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Mzansi Sthembi


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