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Goodmorning good people today we give you special recipes for you to feel our warm love. Happy Friday enjoy our lovely food and make your best over best over the weekend.

Feel our love forget about sadness,cook with pride. Forget that it a last meal you are about to cook ,remember it God that provides. We would like to wish for those who have nothing to cook today to do not sleep on an empty stomach, may our loving God provide them with something to eat . Our lovely people you are not alone,we pray that you arr able to bring food on a table. No situation is permanent and the struggle that you are living in shall pass as well. We feel soo blessed to have you guys by our side everyday you are the best your love is unimaginable true. Please if you have a neighbour check on him or her make sure He or she has something to eat. Good think begin with bravery be brave enough to assist where you can help out be the best version of yourself. Have bold and beautiful heat.

Food everywhere but not like our food get our recipes right and become the best

Irish potatoes

Chicken breast




Green pepper

Green bean


Fresh pepper

Ginger and garlic (optional)

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