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The best Sunday dishes you can prepare for your family

Sunday dinner is a powerful tradition that will help your family slow the rhythm of life to connect with one another, serve others, grow as people, and pass on family culture. Whether weekly or monthly, morning or night, with family or with friends, this tradition will help you build your own lifelong memories!

People of all ages eat better when they share a meal with others. They tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods. They also eat less pop and fried foods. Eating together gives young children the chance to learn more words and how to communicate better.

You may be thinking that this meal takes place in the evening since it is called dinner but it's actually the midday meal. It's the main meal, meaning the most hearty, for us southerners and yes we call a Sunday lunch, dinner. Sunday supper would be the evening meal.

Sunday dinner is a tradition I think every family should have. Even if you are a family of one, the idea of preparing a wholesome meal on a Sunday is a great way to reset for the week and the leftovers make for a great lunch or dinner on a busy Monday. I have been a participant of the Sunday dinner my whole life. Even when I lived on my own as a single person I always prepared something extra special on Sunday night for myself or my single cousins and I. The importance of Sunday dinners is that it requires you to take pause and reset for the week.

Top Tips for a Successful Sunday Dinner

1. Keep the atmosphere casual, warm, and relaxing: You want the focus to be more on spending time with your guests than on an elaborate menu.

2. Invite as many people as you can comfortably fit around your table.

3. Be open to guests who ask if they can bring someone.

4. Invite guests to arrive between one and four in the afternoon.

5. Keep the menu simple and seasonal, but have plenty of everything.

6. Say yes to help—with the prep, the food, the cleanup, the works.

7. Serve the food family style, buffet style, or a combination of both: You could sit everyone down to a plated first course, then serve family-style platters. or enlist helpers to plate each course. It’s all about lingering.

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