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Moisture chicken wrap recipe

Hello my fellow readers welcome to America article where we share food and recipe. today in this article you're going to learn more on how to prepare the healthy chicken wrap for breakfast and lunch. It has a crunchy taste and also has lot of flavours included in your chicken wrap.

do not stress if you never that are fresh you doing your chicken wrap at home because I'm going to take you step-by-step. on how to prepare the smell from the ingredients today preparation. Ingredients causes problem. You will need 30 minutes of your time to prepare this meal and it serves 4 people.

Ingredients or recipe

you will need half a cup of mayonnaise or a dressing salad Parmesan cheese ,cherry tomatoes lettuce, skinless chicken breast ,fresh parsley .onion.avacado


start by cooking your chicken fillet .you will start by marinate your chicken breast. using your favourite spices and grill it in your oven for 13 to 18 minutes. at your mayonnaise into your tortilla or roti then at you are lettuce onion parsley chicken breast and at your favourite dressing close your chicken wrap is ready to be served and enjoy your meal.

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