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SAMUEL: A couple enjoys themselves having lunch together on the streets and they are happy

Samuel Manenzhe and his partner were enjoying themselves together for lunch. They love going to such places and enjoy them as much as those who go to expensive restaurants. It is also about having to be proud of your own people and what they offer as a traditional lifestyle. There is nothing bad about it and they can still eat with a fork and knife from that very table.


It is simply a mindset that having the most dining table means seating people in a fancy place and having to deal with the complications of remembering the fork and knife. part of the excessory. You have to know how to use them and what to order so that you will be able to eat with them. It is only with children that it is easier to use.

As for being on the side of the road, you can enjoy the meal as much as you want. No one will be forced to flex and buy something that is the most expensive. They are not serving a lot of things, and the price is the same. No one will have to feel that someone else has more money than they do. It is very good with that part.


You will also spend less on the meal than having to get a starter, main meal, and dessert separately. You are just having a normal lifestyle and no one will be having to look at what starter or deset you will be having. As long as you are satisfied with your meal, that is the end of it. You will also be supportive of another person who is making a living from it and does not have to resolve any crime either.

If you want to go to expensive restaurants, that is not a problem, and you should enjoy yourself. As long as you are able to afford your lifestyle, there is no problem with it. If you want a Mercedes-Benz AMG, go for it. It is just a pity that people will talk when you have made it and about your downfall. It is simply a fact of life that you must accept in order to avoid health complications.

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Samuel Manenzhe


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