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Best braai potato salad recipe

Best Braai Potato Salad

Potato salad is one of the best braai salads, it will always go down a treat with any crowd.

While you can simply boil potatoes and throw mayonnaise on them you can also put some extra effort in and make the best potato salad ever. There are some simple things you can do to make your potato salad incredibly good.

Tips for making the best potato salad:

Avoid using baking potatoes, rather opt for small, thin skinned potatoes.

Cook your potatoes whole with the skin and add plenty of salt to the water (remove the skins after cooked and cooled).

Bring your potatoes to the boil then turn down the heat to simmer them until done rather than keep it boiling until done.

Your potatoes are cooked when you can push a fork through the middle – don’t overcook your potatoes.

When your potatoes are cooked remove them from the hot water and add them to an ice bath to stop them from cooking further and to cool them down.

Once your potatoes are cooked, cooled and chopped you can add a tablespoon of vinegar to the potatoes to bring out the taste before adding the other ingredients.


8 small potatoes – boiled, skinned and chopped

¼ red onion finely chopped (let the chopped onion soak in a bowl of cold water before using)

3 hard boiled eggs chopped

fresh herbs finely chopped (to taste)

¼ cup mayonnaise

½ cup sour cream or plain full cream yoghurt

1 teaspoon mustard

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon pepper


In a jug mix the mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, red onion, salt, pepper and herbs

Add the sauce to the potatoes and stir in.

Add the eggs to the potato salad and stir in.

The beauty of making potato salad for a braai is that it can be made well ahead of time and kept in the fridge until you are ready to serve. This potato salad can be kept in the fridge for up to three days.

You can also change up this recipe each time by adding other ingredients such as chopped celery or pickles.

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Braai Potato Salad


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