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Black Twitter Drags Minister Tito Mboweni For Eating Mopani Worms And Tin Fish

After Minister Tito Mboweni posted what to eat between "Masonja and Pilchards", he caused unnecessary attention to himself.

People weren't over the fact that the whole minister was eating Mopani worms and Tin fish.They believe Tito Mboweni is in some serious debts.They don't believe that someone who earns over R200k per month with so many ridiculous benefits, comes home to decide if they should have Mopani worms or Tin fish.

Well what's wrong with the whole minister eating Mopani worms or Tin fish?

Well for a moment there, he forgot that Twitter could drag you for something small.He posted those tomatoes before he started cooking and as it looks, those tomatoes were a little rotten.

People weren't happy that the whole minister can cook rotten tomatoes and that only poor people eat "Masonja and Pilchards"?Is that true?

Was "Masonja and Tin fish" made for poor people?

Well anyway, this is when the food was preparing on the stove.As you know how Black Twitter is, they said why does those tomatoes look like they've been chopped with a "Phanga".

After preparing food and the dinner table.It came to a point where he had to eat.He did eat but people weren't excited that he did finish his food in no time.Done and dusted.

This is the reply he got.

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