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"Rate My Pie" A guy posted but people had this to say, see comments

When it comes to cooking, creativity is always acceptable. Even though it may be the case, it is important to have limits. With that being said, a guy took to social media with a picture showing off the pie he made. This is what he wrote in his caption: "Rate my pie". Unfortunately, people were not impressed after seeing that he added fish heads to the pie.

Some left comments saying they would give him one point for his effort. Others were saying it was unnecessary to add the fish heads to the pie. Overall, people were definitely disappointed. There's a lot that people have had to say. Someone left a comment saying, "I’m imagining being invited to dinner and being presented with the heads." Another one said, "It looks scary." See more of people's reactions down below.

Share your thoughts on the comment section. What do you think about the guy's food and people's reactions?

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