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Opinion:Stop eating lose Chips[Yobo] From Makula's

The Makula's do this whilst making lose chips for you,Consumers and Offer bad service because they need money from you nothing else and People discriminate them.

Makula's in Soweto were caught red handed by consumers preparing loose chips with their feet body and so on.The Makula's were crushing the Chips with their dirty bare feet and laying on top of them.

As a hygienist you probably feel disgusted by the Picture and I would Totally advise you to not buy from Makula's anymore as they Do not follow hygiene measures while preparing or managing food their consumers buy.

The community burst the store into flames after finding out that they have been eating Food that is unhygienic without knowledge that the food is disgustingly being made behind scenes.

Should you continue eating Yobo from your nearest store which is owned by Makula's probably no is the most answer you can choose as these people are unwanted in this country as Xenophobia has been trending for over a few years in South africa so why would they pity you and surrender services to you wholeheartedly.

See the bigger picture here and stop buying Yobo from the shops and buy Branded chips.

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