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He posted a picture of his breakfast on social media, but people got amazed because of this

Almost every household has the rule that a person is only permitted to have two eggs for breakfast, and no more. However, some people have no limitations when it comes to eating, and they eat whatever they want without regard for others in the family.

While I was looking over my Twitter fees, I came across another post where a man in his late twenties to early thirties published a brunch photo. He was in the middle of frying nine eggs for breakfast. Did you understand what I said? I said all nine of them! Think about it.

You can even get thrown out of the house where I come from if you consume a certain quantity of eggs, unless you are the breadwinner.

Almost everyone was surprised to see such a thing, as evidenced by the following retweets: ""How dare you mare, this is actually the whole dozen," "yes it helps with muscle building when you work out," "have you never been taught to have manners when it comes to food?" Soft boiling is preferred over fried ".. Anyway, here are a few of the retweets:

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