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Breakfast or brunch, asked Uncle Gee on Twitter. Check out the response

05 July 2022


Food is one of the things that makes us common with each other as human beings. We can be from different backgrounds, but when it comes to food, we will appreciate good food regardless of our differences.

When Uncle Gee, @GomolemoSA_ posted a plate of food on Twitter and asked whether this was breakfast or brunch at 12H00. People would want the food for themselves. On the plate of food he posted, there were scrambled eggs, fried Russians, grated cheese, two croissants, and tomato gravy. There were also two glasses of orange juice.

Most of his followers were drooling over the food, wishing they were the ones who were having this beautiful meal. Those who responded to the question of saying, it can be both breakfast or brunch. It didn't matter, Uncle Gee should just enjoy the good food and company he was having.

What do you think of Mr. Gee's meal? Should it be breakfast or brunch?

Some Twitter comments

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