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NOXY: I love baking and I baked a Dumpling. Check what is her challenge for baking

Noxy Mzilikhali said she has to adjust to what she loves to do. She is someone who gets happy when she is in the kitchen and making something. But then with loadsheding, things have changed and it would not be as wonderful as before. She has to cook or bake on time, according to the schedule of Eskom for when you should be expecting a Loadsheding.


It is having people not in a good space and that means, as for someone like Noxy Mzilikhali, can't do much in the kitchen. But she has made something that is loved and it has been done a lot. It is a tradition that it is making a dumpling. People who loves it will want to have a bit when someone has made it.

It has the power to bring many people together and some of it is because they have not tasted it in a long time. People will get very sad if you don't share it with them. If you have never known a family that adores it, you will not appreciate it as much as someone who has. It is more like alcoholic beverages; if you don't share them with others, they become sad.


But other people will not be sad about it. They will go and make theirs. If you love making food like Noxy Mzilikhali and Tito Mboweni, it is very hard when you want to make something but the Loadsheding keeps on disturbing. Because of time and loadshedding, you do not have enough needed time. It becomes a risky possibility for it to be unfinished when you are done.


Life has changed and adjustments are needed, whether you like it or not. If you are used to having to bathe at a certain time, you have to look at the schedule to manage your time going to the gym. Phones must be charged accordingly, otherwise you have to operate without your cellphone. As much as making food like Noxy Mzilikhali or Tito Mboweni.

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Eskom Noxy Mzilikhali


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