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"Tonight I Chose Simple" A guy posted as he shows off his dinner but people had this to say

Nothing beats having a simple but yet delicious meal at the end of the day. A guy got people talking after posting a picture of his food. This is what he wrote in his caption: "Tonight I Chose A Simple Meal." The food consisted of white rice and minced meat. There were mixed reactions to the comments.

Some are saying the guy is boasting because his dinner doesn't look simple. Others were saying he is not good when it comes to presentation, given how he plated the food.

Basically, according to most people, the minced meat was supposed to be placed on top of the rice. There's a lot that people have had to say. See more reactions down below.

Share your thoughts on the comment section. What do you think about the food and people's reactions overall? Is there anything you think was unnecessary for this particular meal or not?

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