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Benefits of mixing garlic and salt that you never thought about

Making garlic bread for dinner tonight? Now you cancut upa fewsparkling garlic—but what a tedious and messy business! How about sprinkling on some powdered garlic? Many cookschoose garlic salt as an alternative for a chunk tang. However, is garlic salt and powdered garlic the same thing?

1. Garlic Salt vs. Garlic Powder

All right, first subjects first, garlic powder and garlic salt are NOT one and the same spice! Dried garlic powder is crafted fromsparkling garlic. However, garlic salt is certainly a type ofpro salt.

Garlic salt is made ofthreeelementsdesk salt with 1 detail dried ground garlic with a kind of anti-caking agent—along with calcium silicate. In the forestall garlic salt is widely speakme salt. However, you can sprinkle it on breads, in sauces, an on components for a salty beautify with a slightly garlicky tang.




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2. Garlic Salt Medicinally

While garlic salt is in particularmade ofdesk salt, you want to apply this spice sparingly. However, the garlic interior this spice has been used medicinally for ages—specially to decorate immunity.

Therapeutically, garlic, eachsparkling and dried, is diagnosedbroadly for it’s anti-viral, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungi properties. Studies from Harvard Medical School credit score rating garlic with fighting off the now no longer unusualplacebloodless and numerousdifferentslight infections because of its natural immune-boosting abilities.

cold flu

3. Garlic to Prevent Cancer

In reality, research from the University of Maryland Medical Center notes that garlic supplementation can assistdecrease the danger of positivekinds of cancer.

Most notably, studies from the collegedisplay that diets rich in glowing garlic, powdered garlic, or maybe garlic salt, can assistsave you pancreatic and colon cancer—speciallywhen you've got got a personal circle of relativesrecords of the disease.


4. Garlic Helps Ward Off Hypertension

Diets rich in garlic—in all forms—have moreover been associated with decreaseprices of excessive blood stress and healthy cholesterol.

Research from Oregon State University notes that ingesting garlic in numerous forms, along with garlic salt, works as a vasodilator—because of this that it reduces immoderate blood strainand reducespressureat thecoronary coronary heart and blood vessels.


5. Garlic for Better Cholesterol

The garlic in garlic salt additionally canassistdecreaseterrible LDL (low density lipoproteins), which motive narrowing in the artery walls, whilstgrowinguseful HDL (immoderate density lipoproteins), which lets in to push backcoronary coronary heart disease.

Just remember, because of the reality garlic salt is specially salt, this spice is excessive-qualityutilized in moderation. For progressed garlic consumption, look to glowing garlic and garlic powder as an alternative.



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