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Here are the ingredients and methods of making umqombothi

How to make umqombothi at home

You cook the maize meal porridge and wait for it to cool down after that and pour the Umthombo-mmela and add sugar then you leave it so that it can be boil and weak (lose).

It can look like mageu the sourness of it can taste like Mageu. Then again you must get the Umthombo-mmela and sugar.


maize meal

sorghum – king korn umthombo (green packet)


brown sugar (optional)

Then pour the Umthombo-mmela and add sugar from there you steer it from there you leave it Then on the third day you quizzed all the Umthombo-mmela and then people can drink it

In an African tradition we cannot Cele an event without it because we can ho with it when we do umphahlo ( when we speak with our ancestors)

This has become one of my favourite recipes to share, especially since I went to a friend’s family event where there was no one to brew the beer that’s because no one knew how except an aunt who wasn’t there!.

But here's the recipe of how to make umqombothi which is traditional beer.

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