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Zimbabwean man sh0cked many by making ice cream from sand

Summer time is always characterized by the high demand of ice cream. 

If you want a child to be your best friend then take them out for ice cream. 

Many ice cream flavours keep popping up as the market grows in leaps and bounds. 

But nobody was prepared for the masterpiece that came out of a genius Zimbabwean man's recipe. 

With his PhD in Molecular Biology, Tapiwa Guzha was inspired to experiment with dry ice to create ice cream from indigenous foods. 

He fuses indigenous ingredients such as edible clay, rooibos (red bush), and tamarind into deliciously sculpted ice cream.

Guzha now has how own ice cream brand which operates from Cape Town. It is called Tapi Tapi.

Now in case you are up to experimenting with taste then you know we're to go for your next infused ice cream. 

That is the art of creativity at its best. 


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