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Tweeps are not happy about this plate, they wonder why the potatoes were raw, check comments

03 July 2022


It nice to have a home cooked meal, especially when you cook by yourself. It is exactly what want to eat. But sometimes people take it too far. Such is a Twitter user, @RealMrumaDrive, he a plate of food. The decor and the food, you can see that a person was in a good mood to cook and present the food.

On the plate, there is good, yummy, delicious look stew, mixed vegetables and raw potatoes. It is not clear why the potatoes were raw, did he forget to cook them, is it the load shedding. But on the plate you could see, the potatoes were peeled, washed and straight to the plate.

Twitter were not going to let it go. They pointed it out that the potatoes were raw. Some were not happy about the amount of yellow vegetables that were dished. There were carrots,butternut and baby narrows. There were carrots that were added in the stew and those were cooked separately.

Some Twitter comments

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