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Kasi favourite street food. Number 2 will leave you mouth watering

1. Magwinya is a Zulu name referring to fat cakes or vetkoek. Magwinya are made from flour, you simply mix flour, sugar, salt, yeast and water to form a dough then after you make them in small balls. These Kasi fat cakes are usually sold in the morning and they are served with polony sometimes with cheese.

2. Mogodu, best known as mala mogodu is a South African fast food. This dish is made out of cow tripe usually it is served as stew. The term mala means intestine, therefore mogodu is most popular in the townships.

You have to be careful when preparing mogodu because sometimes you will find finer stones and sand in it. You must cut it off into pieces and remove all dirt from it, wash it thoroughly.

3. Kota, also known as bunny chaw, the term kota was derived from quarter mean quarter of bread. The quarter of loaf of bread is then sliced and take out the sandwich base, then it is hollowed, fill in polony, followed by achar, then potato chips, cheese, Russian, egg, sometimes beacon, and Vienna.

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