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Carbonated Drinks

Fake Coca Cola Manufacturers are the cause for bad taste these days

Source: Twitter

People have started to realise that Coca-Cola drinks no longer taste the same and as such they have started to blame it on these people who manufacture fake Coca-Cola.

People who want to procure fast cash which would have on their own store room where they manufacture fake drinks and make sure that they sell it to the general public.

However we thank the law enforcement agencies because they were able to catch these type of people and make sure that they pay penalties and also face prison time.

There is nothing good in making other people drink something which is not safe because this type of drinks are not even medically approved which means they’re not safe to drink.

The police should make sure that these guys tell them the people that they’ve been working with, and those that they buy ingredients from in order to manufacture this counterfeit drinks.

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