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"Me after watching MasterChef for two minutes" one suggests, leaving many people in stitches.

MasterChef is a competitive cooking show television format created by Franc Roddam, which originated with the UK version in July 1990. The format was revived and updated for the BBC in February 2005 by executive producers Roddam and John Silver. The competitive cooking show has been going on for so many years and it still continues.

A lot of people watch the show all over the world and it has inspired a lot of people to improve on their cooking skills just by watching and learning a few tactics. Surely you have watched the show and have seen the types of dishes they prepare on the show. Well it looks like some people in Mzansi have been taking some notes from the show.

One tweep recently shared a meal they prepared after watching one episode of the MasterChef. Their dish left many people in stitches as they only used three ingredients excluding the spices. A chicken neck, tomato sauce and a mint. What do you think of this particular dish which has been prepared two minutes after watching the MasterChef?

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