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"I'm no longer visiting KZN because of this type of food, I ate it for over two years" one reveled.

Pap is a kind of porridge made from maize meal and can be cooked to be runny, soft or stiff. Pap can be enjoyed with sugar and milk for breakfast or meat and vegetables for lunch and supper; it can even be watered down to make a tasty drink called Mageu. In every culture, people prepare pap in different types of ways.

A lot of people always complain about the pap from KwaZulu-Natal and how they prepare it, more especially those who never grew up in KZN. A man recently shared his well prepared meal and his meal caught a lot of people's attention but many were absolutely unimpressed by his cooking skills, hence one of the people who commented on her post mentioned that:

"My brother you staying at KZN Wena. I ate like that for two years whilst I was there. For that reason I am even no longer going to visit 😭😭. I'm good". Do you really think that this meal was prepared by someone from KZN? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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