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Meet This 16 Year Old Girl Who Doesn't Eat Food Because She Doesn't Have An Intestine

Meet The 16-Year-Old Girl Who Doesn't Eat Food Because She Doesn't Have An Intestine (Photos) 

I accept that a large numbers of us have caught wind of individuals with uncommon conditions which makes them exceptional and unique. Their uncommon conditions may be because of harms in a portion of their body parts, and these body parts are supplanted with fake ones for due occasions. A genuine example is the account of a 16-year-old young girl am going to share with you. 

The name of this 16-year-old young lady is Salma, and she lived in Egypt with her siblings and mother. They have moved to United States in light of Salma's condition. As per reports, when Salma was 5 years of age, she got snared in the pull valve while swimming which later harmed her digestion tracts and the intestine. She was immediately rushed to the emergency clinic after the episode however specialists make them to realize that she needs a digestive tract transplant at the earliest opportunity. 

Specialists said that in the event that she neglects to complete the digestive system transplant, she just have fourteen days to live on earth. Her families searched for an approach to raise reserves so specialists can complete the transfer, and that was the significant motivation behind why they migrated to the United States. She stayed alive for a very long time on a daily existence of a supporting machine before she at last completed the transplant. 

Shockingly, the transplant wasn't effective and it was done for the subsequent time, still it fizzled. Digestive system transplant was accomplished for her multiple times and it wasn't fruitful in any way, and new test was carried on her to recognize what's up. After these tests were done, it was made realize that she had a few contaminations which is forestalling the transplant to be fruitful. It was later uncovered that those bombed digestive system relocate has harmed her bladder, small digestive tract or intestine, internal organ, liver, bladder, and pancreas. 

Presently, she needs an entirety of $3,000,000 to do the transplant and treat the influenced regions as well. Before the cash could be accessible, she is presently on support with a line called Total Primary Nutrients (TPN), which conveys the supplements her body need when loaded up with it. As at now, she can't eat food in light of the fact that there are no digestion tracts to process those nourishments. In any case, at whatever point she is eager, she generally taste her mom's food however won't swallow it. 

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