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17 South African Foods You Must Eat

South Africa is a country in the African continent's southern hemisphere. It is famous for its mining industry, but it also possesses Africa's largest economy and is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its unique cultural history and biodiversity. Its gastronomic variety is underappreciated, but it should be.

South African Foods

South Africa has one of the world's most diversified culinary traditions, borne of necessity and inspired by Portuguese Indians and the Dutch. The following list of ten South African cuisine you must try before you die exemplifies this point.

South African Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

1. Boerewors

According to our ranking, boerewors is one of the ten South African dishes you must try before you die. They are very spicy farm-made sausages prepared by Afrikaans, and they can be considered African sausages to some extent. The sausage is made of sheep, beef, and pig that has been seasoned with thyme, fennel, coriander, cloves, mint, ginger, and red wine, among other spices. Boerewors is a popular South African dish that the majority of the population enjoys.

Boerewors (1) - South African food

2. Bobotie

This is South Africa's official national dish. Bobotie is a mild Malaysian curry dish with almonds, ground beef, sultanas, and egg custard. Bobotie is typically served with pilaf rice, another traditional South African meal, and sambal, a spicy sauce made up of chopped tomatoes, bananas, almonds, chutney, and a touch of coconut. Meanwhile, there are numerous types of bobotie that may differ from those listed below. However, if you're in South Africa, just ask for bobotie and you'll be happy with whatever you get. That is certain.


3. Bunny chow

Bunny chow is a popular Durban-inspired South African cuisine. It's a stuffed half-loaf with a hollowed-out half-loaf. Bunny chow can include curry lamb, chicken, or beef, while it can also be vegetarian in some situations.

bunny-chow - South African food

4. Koeksister

This meal is quite popular among South African Afrikaners. Koeksisters are candied vegetables made by soaking vegetables in butter and syrup and then deep frying them.


5. Pap


This is a traditional South African dish that is also popular in other parts of the continent. In the United States, pap is made from ground corn and is comparable to grits. Ground maize is usually mixed with hot water and stirred to produce a thick paste, but this might vary based on personal preference. Slap pap is a less dense type of pap that is usually runny in nature, stywe pap is a denser variety of pap that is more popular than slap pap, and phutu pap is a crumbly, considerably denser version of pap. Pap is usually accompanied by a meat or vegetable stew.

6. Waterblommetjie bredie

Waterblommetjie is an edible vegetable stew made from a species of water lily. In Afrikaans, the name means'small water flower stew.' This stew is often seasoned to bring out the flavor of pap, and it's regarded to be the perfect companion for pap. Waterblommetjie is a popular South African dish that is considered a staple food in the country.


7. Mashonzha

Mashonzha is a Zulu traditional dish that is included on a list of ten South African delicacies to experience before you die. Mashonzha is made up of caterpillar-like mopane worms that are non-poisonous and so edible. In South African marketplaces, these worms are usually fried or grilled. They are typically served with a peanut or chile sauce to enhance the flavor.


8. Frikkadels

Frikkadels is another well-known South African cuisine that is popular among locals. Frikkadels are a cross between a little hamburger and a meatball due to their odd size. They're usually thought of as snacks, although they can also be used in main dishes. This popular South African braised meatball is a traditional Afrikaner dinner made with bread, onion, bread, vinegar, and other spices, with meatballs that are frequently baked or deep-fried. They typically incorporate seasonings such as coriander or nutmeg, which are the most common.


9. Droewors

Droewors is a spicy sausage that resembles a smaller, thinner form of boerewors but without the meat. When compared to boerewors, they are frequently sundried like biltong and have a longer shelf life.


10. Braai

Sorry, vegans, but in South Africa, meat reigns supreme, and braai is a big deal. The cooking of meat over an open fire is referred to as "braai." Braai has been raised to the rank of an art form due to its great acceptance among the general population, particularly white South Africans. The dish not only looks good, but once you try it, it creates a lasting effect on your mouth. If you like grilled steak, try this South African specialty.


11. Tomato Bredie

Tomato bredie is undoubtedly a favorite of locals and visitors alike, since it is a popular dish in South Africa. "Bredie" is the Afrikaans word for "stew," thus your assumption is right. Tomato bredie is a popular meat dish in South Africa. Mutton is the meat here, and it's stewed for hours with spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and other herbs and spices. You'll like tomato bredie much more when you make it with a small bit of liquid to concentrate the flavors.


12. Biltong

Try to take a tiny bite each time. That is the most delicious way to eat biltong. This South African dish is made with spiced dried beef. Cattle, game meats, and ostrich fillets are all commercially raised foods that are sliced into strips or flat sections. Biltongs are commonly consumed as snacks, although they can also be incorporated into normal meals. In any case, you'll love biltong.


13. Chicken Curry Potjie

Chicken curry potjie is only one of several delicious curry dishes available in South Africa. Because potjie is the Afrikaans word for pot, this dish is largely about curried chicken.


14. Chakalaka

Chakalaka is delicious, especially when served with bread or pap to take the edge off of the heat. You can create chakalaka in a multitude of methods in South Africa, depending on your location and culture. Chakalaka, on the other hand, is a basic spicy vegetable relish made with onions, tomatoes, and beans as the main ingredients. Grasp a piece of the chakalaka tree with your teeth.


15. Sosaties

Sosaties is a classic South African meat dish prepared with mutton, dried apricots, red onions, and mixed peppers. As I already indicated, it's all about the meats.

16. Mealie Soup

Mealie is a corn soup cooked with corn, tomatoes, and cayenne pepper in South Africa. Mealie soup is delicious on its own or with bread. This creamy, lightly spiced corn recipe, believe me when I say you'll adore it. The acidity of the tomatoes counteracts the sweetness of the corn. Mealie could be a fantastic alternative if you're tired of eating a lot of meat-heavy meals.


17. Mala MogoduMala mogodu, or simply mogodu, is a popular South African dish that has spread throughout the country. Tripe is cooked with hot pap in this dish, which is very popular in the winter.


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