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Disturbing Video Of Foreigners Doing Weird Things To The Food They Sell To People

Foreigners exist in every country. As long as you are not a citizen of that country, you are considered a foreigner.

In Africa, many countries on the continent are developing, and many of them are very poor, and the government is unable to provide the people of the country with the basic necessities. Only a few of them are able to afford it. Those who are really struggling take the decision to start a better life and get opportunities in another country. Many Africans went to developed countries, and many of them have started their lives from scratch.

Some Africans who are unable to move to developed countries tend to move to other African countries that seem to be far better off than their own. South Africa is one such country that has become home to millions of foreigners who come into the country every year. There are millions

of foreigners who come for work opportunities, and some of them have opened small businesses in different parts of the communities in South Africa. Many citizens have stated that they do not want any of them in their community because of the illegal activities some of them do.

A video circulated of foreign nationals who are shop owners preparing their stock, and in the video, the stock that they are preparing seems like biscuits. What shocked and angered them was what they were doing to the biscuits. Some of them were putting their feet on them, and one of them even went to the extent of licking the biscuits before putting them in a plastic bag.

This is probably the kind of food many consume, and a few days ago, young children died from allegedly eating noodles bought from foreign nationals tuckshop

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