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Mogodu could be part of junk food, see the reason why? Opinion

Most of you know the implications that comes with the such amount of fat that may be found in a meat, especially such a meat like Mogodu.

Here is a traditional meal that is loved by most South African people, especially the older generation. The older you get, the more reason for you to avoid such meals. They feel that this is a delicious meal, but it is a misconception between delicious and healthy.

Most of the people because they know it to be a traditional meal, they therefore conclude that it is healthy. Just as we know that there are people that eat porridge that is cooked from sorghum or Mabele. These ones are considered to be traditional porridge, but as much as these kind of a dish is considered traditional, it may be very dangerous for one's health.

There is no part of the body, whether in a human being or in an animal that contains fat more than the intestines. You may find a cow that is very thin or even a person that is also very thin, if you can burn the meat, most the fat that will be fuelling the fire, it comes from the intestine.

A cow can be very thin as it can, but there is always a certain amount of fat that is found in the intestine. After all there in the intestines themselves are made out of fats. When a person eat such kind of a meal like this one, you must know that there is a large amount of fat that your body is consuming. Partaking in such kind of a meals can result in tragedy or in a deadly chronic sickness.

People that have got sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, obesity, elephantiasis and other sicknesses that can cut a person's life short because of eating fat, this is not a meal for them to enjoy.

Already looking at this dish, you can see that there is an amount of oil and fat that is surfacing on top of the pan, and all that is going to enter into your body. The reason why after we eat Mogodu, we go and try to wash our hands with soap, it is because they are some stubborn fat that are sticking to your hands or even to the lips of your mouth. Imagine that kind of fat entering your body.

So people should be very careful, we must not eat because it is delicious. We must eat a meal because of what we can get out of it, for the benefit of of the body and for healthy purposes, thank you.

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