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Is atchar necessary in this breakfast plate, asks Uncle Gee? People have spoken, see comments

29 June 2022


A Twitter user, @GomolemoSA, twitted a beautiful breakfast, appetizing plate. plate had avocado, scrumbled egg, sausage, grated cheese a sliced of toasted white bread. The plate was neatly dished and everything was eye catching. It was calling everyone on Twitter to just eat it

The user, Uncle Gee caption the picture with this question 'is atchar necessary in this breakfast plate'.

Except for few people who wanted something else, atchar won. Majority of the people felt that atchar was a must to be added to the plate

Few of thoss who wanted something else, they suggested a hot pap and another user wanted to have eight slices of bread. Not sure whether the one slice that was on plate was not enough for this Twitter user.

It is not clear whether Uncle Gee added atchar as the people have indicated that it was must to be aaded in the breakfast

Regardless, we do hope Uncle Gee enjoyed the breakfast. What breakfast did you have this morning, is it anything like Uncle Gee?

Some Twitter comments

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