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Be careful Of The Food You Buy In Township, Foreigners Are Selling Fake Foods (see pics)

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As you all know that in all those past decades we having been living in times were certain people have been running secret workshops, factories duplicating and creating fake designer clothes and a whole of other bad stuff which includes electronics and many more, but food has never been one of. It seems like the days of food not being faked has now come and gone because there is proof exposing that indeed food are being faked.

Without any further waste of time, let me quickly take you though some leaked pics online showing how an individual noticed that a can of baked beans he bought was not identical to that he bought at shopright meaning that the one he got at the spaza shop was fake. See the pics below

Besides beans see other stuff being faked in the pics below.

Looking at the pics above, am sure you can see that there is this one written My F. When the packages written, that is the one which was bought at a local spazashop owned by a certain foreigner.If you are out there and you are the kind if person who like doing a mini shopping of essential at the nearest spazashops instead of buying at big retail shops, Please do lookout for fake foods and make sure you go nowhere near them,I mean with them not being none checked and verified foods anything can happen to you which we all know it won't be a good thing right?

Well finding out such has been happening in many townships and a lot of people have never come to think about this comparison to spot the fake ones seems to have shaken a lot of people and also left them with a lot to say at the same time. See the screenshots above to see what some of them said about all this.

So now, with all that being said, What is it that you as an individual have to say? Please leave some comments below and while you are on that. Please follow this account for more news and updates about all this big stories in Mzansi

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