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Cassper Nyovest Accused Of Lying About Owning Billiato

Meet the owner and director of Billiato, David de Mardt. It seems like this is just another case of omission where Cassper Nyovest the famous artist did not really disclose whether or not he was the real owner of the whole alcohol establishment, it seems like he's only the owner of the brand Billiato.

But all the while it is truly being produced by another company this is kind of like the same agreement that AKA had, but he has moved on from not owning or producing any of these things to saying that he wants to be in a situation where he fully owns everything that has his name on it.

Billiato is an alcoholic brand paraded by Cassper Nyovest as his own, he continues to make posts on social media about how he is the owner and he started from the bottom but now he's here.

All the while the truth is that he's simply using the manufacturer with its name to produce these drinks and sell them as his own, because he's a famous artist who is simply in a position to Garner a lot of attention towards this drink and he has been very successful selling as many bottles as one can even imagine.

David de Mardt is a CEO of Cruz and other alcoholic brands said to be owned by South African celebrities, this is only a marketing scheme that the celebrities are using to get the support from the common people. They're the ones who have been lied into purchasing such drinks, thinking that they are supporting local artists all the while they are simply supporting these big corporations.

However it is allowed that he actually owns the Brewing, and Company Cassper Nyovest owns the product. Many other people also own products but they are brewing with this particular company, how it works is that you own the product and they just brewing for you and package for the final product.

Although it comes with a price you are still the owner as you have the rights to discontinue and do as you please, until such that time you continue sub contracting the the brewing services.

Actually someone who is business space will understand, how does the value chain operate. Maize Mill companies doesn’t Own Farms, rather they own brand. They buy the maize from Farmers. It’s a similar principle.

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