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Funny, Twitter Users Hilariously React To This Ladies Tripe, Saying Its Like A Blanket

Twitter is not for every person out there and if you choose to be part of the Twitter community, then you should expect lots of critics when you twitting something and it shouldn't be something that brings you down, instead you should switch off whining about what people think or just roll with the flow and join them.

Recently a beautiful girl took on to Twitter and posted her "Too Clean Tripe", and am saying too clean because we know as people who eat tripe that it should at least have that little smell and some little bit of "cow poop", Lol.

She posted hers that looks like she bought from home-choice just because it's too clean and people thought that it won't be nice, some people say they thought it looks like a blanket.

They just went on and dragged this ladies tripe(Mogodu) instead of answering her questions when she asked Twitter, "Is it too late to cook Mogodu".

Ok, let's go through the process of cooking mogodu just to give you and insight on what its like.

Firstly, Tripe is tough and it doesn't cook very easily, second, it has its odd smell(Cow poop) that for many people gives that nice flavour when cooking it, and Lastly, if you cleaning it, don't clean away the whole poop that will make it to have no flavour.

Please share your thoughts on this ladies tripe and say whether you prefer super clean or just clean with flavour.

Source: Briefly News

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Lol Mogodu


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