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Normalize to use chicken when you pha hla, find out why

Please normalize to use chicken πŸ” when you phahla give your ancestors meat to eat and you do this as family. All you do is.

1. Any chicken any color

2. Cup of water

3. Ntsho Snuff

4. Beer 🍻 e.g African beer or 1 cup of castle lager.

Then you wake in the morning as family or alone if you don't have family.

Look for a place in your yard or your home can be anywhere as long as you will comfortable about the spot but make sure you face where the sun rises.

Then kneel down having all above mentioned staff then ladies please make sure you wear skirt and doek , not a jean or trousers hide your hair then also to man do not wear short please men wear a long trouser and jacket.

Then take glass of water pretend to drink the water, don't swallow the water pour back the water from your mouth then clap your two hands.

now introduce yourself name and surname tell them who you are then call your father ancestors first follow by your mother side. then say I'm giving you water to drink please drink all of you I'm not discriminating drink all.

then sprinkle the Snuff ntsho then clap hands while speaking saying please, here is the cigarette smoke all.

then slaughter the chicken cut the head then sprinkle the blood coming from the neck of the chicken while you are busy sprinkling the blood please speak say here is the meat eat all of you both my mother's side and father side then put it down there.

then take snuff ntsho sprinkle there speak now start asking blessings and luck tell them your problems clapping hands while speaking then speak speak again pour snuff clap hands speak.

after you have cough out everything take the chicken cook it and eat it # please leave the head of the chicken there where you were phahling don't cook it it's for your ancestors.

After starting with water follow by beer pretend to drink it pour it down say I'm giving you a beer to drink all ask unity between your father and your mother ancestors ask them to help you with everything you want.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


Content created and supplied by: MissPi (via Opera News )

African Ntsho Snuff


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