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Ladies, use these hacks for a tight Cookie : OPINION.

The following information is based on my own research and my own opinion, it is not clinically proven, do your own research before trying these out.

The first hack is using black halls and stone cold drink, mix these two together and after the halls is dissolve well you drink the mixture. Here is the picture below of what it looks like :

The second hack is eating raw green papers, that will help you to have a clean tight cookie that smells so good. Also drink cinnamon powder with milk, mix a cup of milk with two table spoons of cinnamon powder and mix them well together, you can sometimes warm up the milk and drink your mixture. Below are the screen shots of the things I mentioned above and how to use them.

Wash it with cold water mixed with alum and bicarbonate of soda, you can wash with water only it is still fine, water with alum only only is still fine and water with bicarbonate of soda is still fine also.

This will also help from other yeast infections, thick discharge and make it tight. These hacks are very useful for a lot of women out there, they are just natural home remedies and not those awful things you women buy from the shops. Try using home remedies for a tight cookie, here are the pictures below :

Do not put the alum inside the cookie, rather mix it with water and then take that water and wash it off, remember that this was my very own opinion, you can share yours below.

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