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FOOD: Recipe To Make Fruit salad

If you have a sweet tooth like us, this is the recipe for you. Here is a recipe for you to make at home to enjoy after dinner, or lunch. You can also have this salad as a snack if you wish to. You can never go wrong with this recipe, this fruit salad will get you through summer get together, lunches and possibly small dinner parties.


1 cup heavy or whipping cream (cold)

3 Tbsp icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

Various fresh fruit of your choice

Crushed Oreos or any biscuits


1. In a large bowl add whipping or heavy cream , vanilla and icing sugar (the whipping cream should be very cold). Mix until you get a thick consistency.

2. Wash and cut the fruits. In a clear bowl add the whipped cream . Lay the fruits . Add another layer of the cream , add more fruits. Repeat this process until the cream is finished.

3. Serve with crushed biscuits of your choice (crushed Oreos were used) .

Fruits used : strawberries, kiwi , grapes , blueberries and oranges. Feel free to use any fruit of your choice.

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