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Sweet chilli quarter leg recipe

Having a lazy day and still need to cook, here is a recipe that is quick and easy to prepare and doesn't need many ingredients. Not only is it quick to prepare but it is guaranteed to taste good and despite not spending so much time cooking you can still enjoy your meal.

Ingredients that you will need :

3 quarter legs

1 tablespoon of garlic powder

Salt and pepper

Cooking oil

Sweet chili



Drizzle your chicken with cooking oil and season with salt and pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Add to the oven and grill until it cooks. Once cooked brush with sweet chili.

You can serve as you see fit with rice or pap or veggies. Cooking is not for everyone but with the right recipe and method one can't go wrong.

Trying out new recipes is also good as you don't have to get bored with eating the same thing all the time.


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