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A lady posted what she cooked as a breadwinner and people had this to say.

A posted a home cooked meal that she had just prepared as a breadwinner and got people talking. Well what is a breadwinner per say breadwinner is the person in a household who brings in the lion's share of income and thus supports the family financially. In the past, the breadwinner referred mainly to a single-income family where the other spouse remained at home. Today, breadwinners can be women or men, or both together.

See the lady's post down below. From the pictures you can clearly see that she has her plate filled there is couscous mixed with vegetables, potato salad, spinach, butternut, beetroot and fried chicken. Everything seems to be nicely prepared. People couldn't stop asking why she had cooked a whole sunday kos on a thursday and others thought she was misusing her breadwinner title by having too much meat on her plate. See some of people's comments down below.

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