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Mzansi:Here Is What Someone Spotted Eating As Lunch At Work Place See Here

people must love this thing of going to work with their own lunchbox because it saves a lot of money and it can be very effective for people who are interested in saving we must never be a generation or of people who do not want to save.

young people spend a lot of money buying lunch and impressing their colleagues and if they can do away with this a habit they can save a lot of money and at the end of the year they can have a lot of money.

A man was spotted during lunch time at his workplace having his own lunch box which contain a cooked rice and chicken which serves better when you have drinks.

Other people advice that he must buy himself a a good container because they know thatwhen you have a good container it can make your food to go throughout the day without being spoilt because they can seel your food better.

Below are comment made by people.

Lol dude, buy proper Tupperware. Uyajumpisa ukuthi awujoli or uhlala wedwa. Otherwise l hope you enjoy that chicken bro.


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