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" Which plate are you going with" Mzansi reacts to this question will amaze you

When it comes to eating, everyone has their own preferences; one person may think that other meals are bad, while another believes the opposite. A Twitter user took to his social media account to challenge South Africans at the top of the game to choose one of four dishes to eat. People couldn't take it any longer and jumped right into the comment box, everyone choosing their own meal. We are all aware that South Africans are famed for their use of seven different colors when selecting meals. Others said that as long as there is chicken or beef, it makes sense to them.

In South Africa, maize is a major staple crop. Mealie pap, a porridge-like mixture consisting of white corn meal, is the country's most traditional and popular cuisine. Mealie pap can be served for breakfast or as a side dish with any meal. Corn meal is also used to make bread and other baked goods.


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