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Why do Six Beer feel different than two Vodka? Do different alcohol get you different types of drunk

Everyone has that one beverage they stay away from, and there's typically some shocking tale appended to it as a clarification. Possibly tequila made you leave that humiliating phone message, or whiskey made you think you had the strength of 10 individuals. While these can be amusing stories, the reason behind them is bogus. The truth of the matter is, liquor is liquor, and science expresses the possibility of various spirits influencing you contrastingly is a legend. 

So for what reason do six lagers feel totally not quite the same as two bourbons? For what reason does it seem like the impacts of red wine and vodka are not all that much? All things considered, get a beverage, since you're going to become familiar with reality. 

You've probably had a night where you went from lager to hard alcohol and went through the following day as an investigator attempting to sort out the occasions of the past evening. Standard way of thinking demonstrates you were fine until you changed to the hard stuff in light of the fact that, all things considered, alcohol before brew implies you're free, while the inverse isn't the situation. In truth, none of this is exact. 

While various alcohols don't influence you in an unexpected way, headaches are another monster out and out. We've all been there: retching, perspiring, migraines, queasiness, weakness, stubbornly telling the latrine you're never purchasing that $6 container of vodka again. 

You might pin your more extreme headaches on specific sorts of liquor, and relying upon your beverage of decision, you may be correct. 

There are for sure various sorts of headaches from various beverages. This is principally because of little natural mixtures called congeners, the measure of which fluctuates across liquor assortments. Basically, the more congeners, the more regrettable the headache. Red wine and whiskey are among the greatest offenders with regards to these malignant particles.



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