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She Quit her 9 to 5 to Become a Chef. Does She Regret? The Story Behind Lazy Makoti

Mogau Seshoene also known as The Lazy Makoti is a South African chef who was born in Limpopo. She is in her late 20s or early 30s but her exact age is not known. An article published by in 2014 wrote that she was 25, that means she would be 32 this year. 

The lazy Makoti was working in corporate when she realised that working for someone was not for her. She knew she had a passion for cooking and that whatever business she would like start it should be aligned with her passion. 

She quit her job and hlused the money that she had saved to enrol herself into Culinary school.

The degree in Finance that she earned at the University of Pretoria and the experience she gained while working at one of the big four companies did not come to a waste as she uses them for her business The Lazy Makoti.

The name Lazy Makoti was actually her friend who was getting married but did not know how to cook. She spent the entire week teaching the friend how to cook and she named her the Lazy Makoti.

In an Interview she did with Mpoomy Ledwaba on Mpoomy's YouTube channel Mogau revealed that she believes she is the magic. If she was to loose her business right now, she believes she would start something else and it will be as successful. With that being said she definitely does not regret leaving her job to start her own business.

The Lazy Makoti gained more popularity during the lockdown. people did not have much to do so they spent most of their time on their phone. That is how I personally discovered her. 

She would make one hour live videos with different Media personalities. On this Instagram live she would teach them how to cook certain dishes. In this way the people who follow this Media personalities on Instagram will get to know about her and then follow her. 

Mogau has also written a recipe book that has recipes to different South African dishes. The book is doing very well and has been reprinted a lot of times and it has also been voted for as the best selling in 2020. 

The Lazy Makoti's story is a perfect example of the importance of taking risks and pursuing ones passions in life.

See pictures of some of the dishes she made below. 

Would follow leave a stable job to chase a dream?

What is your favourite dish by The lazy Makoti?

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