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3 secrets behind mixing Coca Cola and milk

Back in March, Twitter exploded over a comedian’s idea that “milk Coke” changed into a element. Which brings me to this very important question: Why may people drink milk and Coca-Cola together? Here are three reasons why people may.

1. Healthy milk cancels out risky Coca-Cola.

We often experience chargeable for eating Coca-Cola because of the truth we comprehend how risky it genuinely is. So what’s the healthiest element we are able to chase it with? For me, that’s milk. When we combine the two, we preserve ourselves time and justify our cola addiction!

2. Milk Coke gives us the illusion of a cola float.

Who doesn’t crave a sparkling Coke float on a warmness fall day? Well, even as you don’t have ice cream in your home in any other case you genuinely want to lessen the calories, milk Coke can satisfy your tastebuds! It presents that satisfying, sweet flavor, but it’s now now not as cold.

3. Milk cuts the fueloline due to carbonation.

We’ve all felt those stressful fueloline bubbles internal our stomachs as soon as we chug a cold Coca-Cola. Some people likely drink their cola with milk to help alleviate those gassy moments. The creaminess of the milk cuts down the carbonation and acidity of the Coke.

Coca-Cola isn’t the healthiest beverage choice. But if you add milk, it can decorate the nutritional price of your drink. I in my opinion experience eating milk Coke just so I can fake it’s a Coke float without ruining my diet.

Have you tried Coca-Cola and milk? If so, percentage your experience with us withinside the comments!


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