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Meet the waitresses of Konka. How much are they making a night?

At this point people have probably gotten tired of hearing about Konka, but that does not stop Konka from getting the attention it is getting, it seems Konka continues to grow more popular on a daily basis, everyone wants to see themselves there or with a picture of them outside of Konka, and you really can't blame people for that, but it really seems everyone wants to hop on the Konka popularity train cause it sure is moving fast.

Well one thing about Konka that people seem to love is the fact that the entertainment is on much better level than any other club in South Africa, although that's just subject to people who party at Konka. Another thing that makes Konka so different from other clubs is the fact that the bottle service girls wear whatever they want which just makes it much more interesting. I mean who wouldn't want to be served by someone dressed in a beautiful outfit.

It sure seems like the ladies who work at Konka are making a lot of money from tips and obviously the salaries, I mean if people can spend more than 100k imagine the tip that their server could be getting after all that. So the ladies are definitely making enough from Konka, although we don't know how much it is but we all have probably assumed at this point that they are making quite enough.

About six months back there was a lady who had gotten tiped about thirty thousand Rands and that left people surprised, to how much she made from that one customer in a matter of a couple of hours, so imagine how much the ladies at Konka must be making, being around these millionaires who are willing to spend really large amounts of money on things as simple as alcohol.

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